Useful Die Casting Terminology

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That segment of the casting cycle in which molten metal is forced into the die.

Shot Blasting
A metal cleaning or finishing process in which a fluid blast blows abrasive steel balls against the surface.

Shrink mark
A surface depression which sometimes occurs next to a heavy section that cools more slowly than adjacent areas.

Shrinkage, solidification
Dimensional reduction that accompanies the freezing (solidification) of metal passing from the molten to the solid state.

The portion of the die arranged to move parallel to die parting. The inner end forms a part of the die cavity wall that involves one or more undercuts and sometimes includes a core or cores.

Adherence of molten metal to portions of the die.

Also referred to as a stepdown shaft. A longitudinal bar-type product with more than one diameter or cross section size.

Split gate
A gate of castings having the sprue or plunger axis in the die parting.

Sprue pin
A tapered pin with rounded end projecting into a sprue hole and acting as a core which deflects metal and aids in the removal of the sprue.