Useful Die Casting Terminology

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Parting line
A mark left on a die casting where the die halves meet; also, the mating surface of the cover and ejector portions of the die.

Peeled Bar
A round bar that has been centerless machined to remove its outer surface. The peeling process takes less than one-fourth the time of conventional lathe-turning operations.

A finishing operation used to obtain closer tolerances and a smoother surface on a round workpiece.

Ram or piston which forces molten metal into a die.

Voids or pores resulting from trapped gas, or shrinkage during solidification.

Opening through which molten metal enters the injection cylinder.

Press Forging
Mechanical forming of metals by means of a press. The action is that of kneading the metal by relatively slow application of force as compared with the action of hammering.

Process control
Where parameters of a process are studied and correctly applied in the manufacturing process to produce high quality parts.