Useful Die Casting Terminology

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Process to remove excess or unwanted stock by the use of machine tools for rough or finish turning, boring, drilling, or milling.

Magnet Particle Inspection
A nondestructive method of inspection for determining the existence and extent of possible defects in ferro-magnetic materials. Finely divided magnetic paticles, applied to the magnetized part, are attracted to and outline the pattern of any magnetic leakage fields created by discontinuities.

A bar used to retain the cavity or enlarge the bore during hollow forging.

A mechanical device for handling an ingot or a billet during forging.

Metal saver
Core used primarily to reduce amount of metal in a casting and to avoid sections of excessive thickness.

Metallographic Examination
Study of the microscopic features of material surfaces that have been specially prepared by cutting, grinding, polishing, and etching.

A type of machining operation used on flat surfaces.

Multiple cavity die
A die having more than one duplicate impression.