Useful Die Casting Terminology

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Carbon Steel
Steel that owes its properties chiefly to various percentages of carbon with only residual amounts of alloying elements (except those added for composition control such as silicon and manganese).

Process of pouring molten metal into a prepared mold cavity of a desired shape and allowing the metal to solidify.

The recess or impressions in a die in which the casting is formed.

Centrifugal Casting
Casting process that consists of pouring molten metal into the cavity of a rotating mold, which can be made of various materials.

Charpy Impact Test
An impact test in which a specially V-notched specimen is broken by the impact of a falling pendulum. The energy absorbed in fracture is a measure of the impact strength or notch toughness of the sample.

Fine cracks on the surface of a die which produce corresponding raised veins on die castings. Caused by repeated heating of the die surface by injected molten alloys.

Closed-Die Forging
Also called Impression Die Forging. A forging that is formed to the required shape and size by machined impressions in specially prepared dies that exert three-dimensional control on the workplace.

Cold chamber machine
A type of casting machine in which the metal injection mechanism is not submerged in molten metal.

Having a common centre.

Contour Torch Cutting
Torch cutting or flame cutting a part to achieve a specific shape or contour.

Plastic deformation of metals held for long periods at stresses lower than yield strength.