Making quality components

The Dyson Diecastings’ infrastructure provides an environment where improved quality control is maintained through employee training and motivation to carry out conformity checks.

Part of our strategy has been to create robust procedures with dedicated controls at the point of manufacture. This includes fully dedicated sensor pressure test equipment, extended use of shop floor hard gauging, a well equipped conformance laboratory with Hilger analytical spectrometer and with components being dimensionally checked using LK Microvector co-ordinate measuring machines. All measuring equipment is calibrated specific to its intended use and traceable to international measurement standards.

In order to offer a flexible and co-operative approach to customer requirements all production is scheduled with a system that allows for interrogation during work in progress. The product is identified by electronic entry at each stage of the process, the system then generates a route card on completion, providing total traceability.

Zero defects

Our business operating system (BOS) has been designed around meeting compliance standards ISO 9001 and TS16949. This provides us with the processes to implement measured improvements across all areas of production.

The secret to achieving zero defects starts with the new product introduction process (NPI). A well thought out process considers both the elements of risk and builds in safeguards so that the risk is eliminated, or at least detected by preventative measures put in place.