Design Optimisation

For Dyson Diecastings, there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing a component being realised as a production ready item. Our dedicated design teams work in close proximity to both the client’s design engineers and our manufacturing facilities. This ensures we avoid any costly time consuming modifications during production.

We have the experience across a range of disciplines to quickly grasp the requirements of a component. Planning ahead, providing alternative options for future production methods based on client predicted forecasts or finishing requirements.

By operating an honest approach to problem solving we take responsibility and ownership of a component’s integrity, helping to reduce machine processes as well the elimination of historical concerns. Tangible commercial benefits can also be derived by manufacturing solutions that eradicate variation and waste, improving cycle times and quality control.

Working in close collaboration, Dyson Diecastings’ designers contribute to the feasibility of a component as follows:

  • Examine costs and process capability
  • Provide advanced quality planning based on the final specification agreed by client
  • Ensure component meets exacting customer criteria following a rigid formula of quality checking
  • Liaise with the tooling division and prototype departments
  • The overall objective is to optimise design for ease of manufacture, produce zero defects and reduce cost. A combination of highly experienced engineers and the utilisation of the latest software technology ensures that the component’s key features can be achieved by the selected manufacturing process. For example, our Mathematical Modelling Software 3D Casting Simulation not only limits component defects, but simplifies the tooling requirements in both complexity and wear.

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