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How to cast the perfect partner for your business

We believe that in order to meet and exceed customer demand you must appreciate and accommodate factors far broader than those made evident from a technical specification.

Energy costs, environmental considerations, transportation, long lead times and fluctuating raw material prices are just some of the issues that have to be taken into account in the delivery of a combination of quality and performance that will help our clients sustain their profit margins.

Dyson Diecastings welcomes clients who are looking to build long term relationships, where trust and integrity are essential values in a working partnership.

Finding the right fit can be an arduous process especially if what you have been promised is not delivered. The repercussions in lost time, manufacturing schedules and poor client relations are hardly the basis for successfully moving forward.

Fortunately for our clients, we have been there to pick up the pieces when previous suppliers’ plans have fallen short of requirements, or when a component is perceived impossible to manufacture. Our experienced approach ensures a well considered outcome in line with the client’s objectives.